• MCR001 – Gianluca Pighi – Mango Parliament / Pigtylus

    Dropping Us a scorching 3 tracker from of his own productions.. Gianluca slides us the incredibly uplifting mix called Mango Parliament.. infectious keys laced on top of rolling disco tinged beats.. good summer tune ! Pigtylus captures something quiet special .. a sort of Bossa beat with rump shaking beats .. catchy drops that lead

  • MCRX001 – Gianluca Pighi featuring PCJ – WeeKaaRoo

    WeeKaaRoo, the new cut from Gianluca Pighi, is a tight collaboration with Piero Cordini (a.k.a. PCJ). The perfectly suited couple blend their respective influences on a latin-tinged jazzy-house monster that will go down a storm with the deepest crowds. It’s late night stuff from two late-night wanderers. Apollo Negri from Link Quartet (a band even