• MCR013 – The Freakers – Fairy / If U Want 2

    As we prefer to not pigeonhole or catalogue sounds anymore, as that would be far too boring, we are not going to try and explain the styles and influences that are contained in the two tracks entitled ‘Fairy (Motordub)’ and ‘If U Want 2’, we will leave it to you to see what all the

  • MCR011 – Gianluca Pighi – Sunk In The Sea

    Gianluca Pighi, producer and owner of Mint Condition Records, is back with a vengeance, here. Three monster tracks at once and the party shall begin! “Sunk In The Sea” is a galloping deep house track touched by a classy late-night vibe that’s going to entertain on many different levels. Paramour’s remix is a shit-hot techy

  • MCR007 – Paramour – Weak

    WEAK consists in 3 remakes of an old Paramour track that Pighi & Paramour rescued from oblivion, giving to it a brand new life. The Club mix is a perfectly crafted hybrid of house, 80s synth-pop and soul. The Paramour dub is a synth-driven sonic excursion, that spaces from dark-wave and cosmic-disco to futuristic techno.