MCR013 – The Freakers – Fairy / If U Want 2


As we prefer to not pigeonhole or catalogue sounds anymore, as that would be far too boring, we are not going to try and explain the styles and influences that are contained in the two tracks entitled ‘Fairy (Motordub)’ and ‘If U Want 2’, we will leave it to you to see what all the fuss is about…
Already supported by Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Dj Remo, Claudio Mate, Stefano Fontana aka Stylophonic, Alex Attias, Ricky Montanari, West London Deep, Leo Mas, Fabrice, Massimino Lippoli, Internullo (Desolat)…

  • Laurent Garnier – ‘If U Want 2’ is the one for me. Super funky track. Full club support, thanks!
  • Steve Lawler – Love this release!
  • DJ Remo – Lovin’ both versions… full support!
  • Claudio Mate – Two very interesting tracks. ‘Fairy’ is a solid trippy house journey with some raw grooves from the Detroit techno school but I am more into ‘If U Want 2’ which is dark and hypnotic tech house music. A great track for late at night, just to make the crowd go crazy!!! Full support.
  • Stefano Fontana aka Stylophonic – I really like ‘If U Want 2’, it is effective and well produced.
  • Alex Attias – These two tunes are rocking! Great work for the floor – bravi.
  • Ricky Montanari – ‘Fairy’ is a good old House track from Italy!
  • Leo Mas – ‘If U Want 2’ is the track that I use, pure Chicago ’89 style, highly recommended!
  • West London Deep – ‘Fairy’ is the one for us… playing it heavily!
  • Fabrice – ‘This is the Trip…!’
  • Boogie Drama – ‘The one we like the best is ‘Fairy’. Two brilliant productions that recall a kind of electronic that is somewhere between acid-house and emotional melodic techno.
    A great progression in ‘If U Want 2’ that reminds us of some 90’s productions and ‘Fairy’ which has much more impact with a catchy bassline and some harmonies that bring to mind some of the best releases from Ovum.’
  • Roberto Intrallazzi (Cubeguys) – ‘Bangin’ Tracks! I Will Support ‘Fairy’…The House Is Back!!!’

“Fairy (Motordub)”
Written and produced by Gianluca Pighi, Francis Galante & Alex Mastini
“If U Want 2”
Written and produced by Gianluca Pighi, Francis Galante & Alex Mastini

(C) Mint Condition Records
(P) Record Kicks Publishing SIAE
Distributed by Kudos Records UK

Behind The Freakers project there shines three of Italy’s top DJ/producers who for years have been making and spinning some very fine tunes. This excursion sees two tracks being pressed up on a very limited-edition vinyl run as this is what is in their blood, old school and new school colliding in an effort to move forward with their compositions whilst never forgetting where it all started…Now remastered for a proper digital release!

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